My ex bf new fiance

United States
October 30, 2010 3:27am CST
So My and my ex bf have a child together and well i found out this month that he has had a girlfriend for at least four months and hes been taking our son over her house. is it wrong for me to be upset that he did that. to me shes a stranger. im not jealous im happy hes over me but im mad at the fact he kept me in the dark about having our son with her. to be honest i dont know who she is.
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• India
14 Sep 12
Hi friend, sad to hear about your situation, i wonder why your BF is doing this kind of unwanted activity? it is not a good thing to split the mother and the kid. He don't have rights to pick your son from you and give it to another woman. Ask about this to your bf and tell him to leave your son
@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
I think its okay to let your son to be with his father because it is like father and son bonding moment but i'm not sure if it will be okay that your ex boyfriend will bring your son with his new girlfriend's house. Its okay to be worried about what your son doing while he is with his father's new girlfriend's house because every mom worried about their babies when they are not around.
• Canada
4 Nov 10
It isn't unreasonable to worry about who your son is meeting and spending time with. Also, your ex has plenty of time to date when you have your son -- shouldn't he be using his time with your son to have quality time, not to go spend time with his girlfriend? Once in awhile isn't a big deal, but it's important that they have father-son time, not stick-the-kid-in-front-of-a-tv-so-you-can-suck-face-with-your-gf time.