do you play or interesting to play medieval 2 total war?

October 30, 2010 3:58am CST
This game is one of my favorite games that I play. medieval 2 total war (M2TW) is a turn based strategic games, but when you turn in to battle you can play it on 3D colossal and epic war on Europe and several parts of middle-east and africa on medieval age. Actually there is 2 gameplay on M2TW. first is quick battle type, you can play historical colossal and epic war on medieval age, or customize the condition by your self. the second is campaign mode, you will manage your kingdom to europe and several parts of middle-east and africa on medieval age.this game play use turn based, it's mean we will alternately with the other kingdom to manage it. number is no matter on this game battle play, you need right strategy, and smartness.I ever won the battle with 700 men against 3000 men of enemy who's attack my castle, and I success to defend it by huge cost, but I am satisfied can hold my castle. If I tell all of this game will be so long, then If you want to ask about this game, or my experience about this game,I will answer it with my knowledge of course. I will glad If someone who's ever play this game to share his experience to me.
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30 Oct 10
I don't play medieval 2 total war, i like play dotta, do u know dotta??, the popular game in the world, i like play games with people, not versus komputer
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30 Oct 10
yeah, I know dotta, there is to way to playing versus another player on dotta, with LAN and by internet. then, what do you use for multiplayer? you don't interested about M2TW? maybe something that you want to ask ?