Dragon ball Z, the greatest anime ever created???

October 30, 2010 4:05am CST
Dragon ball Z is the best ever,why?because of their unbelievable powers,try to think of other anime around which you consider to be fair to fight with.For me, I cant think of anything that surpasses the strength of son gokou and the others. So for you??? Do you agree?? If not,why is it so? Be convincing in your bet.
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• India
18 Nov 10
Yes I agree its the best anime-series ever created.And have to say it was my favorite anime ever and the first anime that I loved.Super Saiyan-transformation was all so good and also the background music while they are transforming.Although there is one more that I love and it was Samurai-X a story about a samurai who stopped killing people and started helping people in danger with his abilities.Although his past always catches up. Have a nice day and happy my lotting!! :)
• Portugal
23 Jan 11
Yes. Dragon Ball Z was the best Animé series ever in the 90's I grew up with it. Nowadays I only have got some DB games from GBA But i'll collect more when I start earning online
@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
31 Oct 10
I think that Dragonball Z is a great anime series but I wouldn't necessarily call it the greatest anime ever created. It really all comes down to a person's preference and taste. I will say that it is probably the greatest shounen series ever made. If we're talking about action and fight scenes then DBZ is packed full of it. I loved the show as a kid but after re-watching the series I noticed that the story tends to drag a bit. I mean, it takes a gazillion episodes for the fight scenes and some episodes don't seem to go anywhere. But I guess that's the case with almost all the shounen series out there. I prefer a show that isn't all about fighting, something like Fullmetal Alchemist.
@rmuxagirl (7561)
• United States
25 Apr 12
I agree with you Saizo. I would say it is a great anime, but the best ever created..not so much. Sure the characters have great power but it takes a whole season to get through one fight scene. Nothing seems to progress in the series. My friends and I actually laugh about how long it takes to get through a fight scene. I agree I don't too much care for fighting anime, I prefer something like Fushigi Yuugi or Chobits.
@ashu770 (36)
• India
28 Dec 12
i totally agree with.no one can beat son goku,he is the ultimate warrior.i never missed any of its episode.it is the best anime i ever watched.
@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
21 Aug 12
The best anime to come to the state side among Voltron and Thundercats yes , its a great series to be introduced for those who havent seen it , i grew up with it when it wasnt on major networks and gettin local airplay on local stations lol and the dvds in suncoast were like 30 bucks? lol it was a good run , i just with they could do these live action flims correctly
• United States
24 Apr 12
srry for the the comment that made no sense but i dont know i typed a long comment and when tried posting it it some how didnt showed up but i just said that I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ANIME and even though i am 18 i wanna watch it alll over again i have already watched it 3 times yeah three freaking times including all three series , all movies even the one that werent dubbed but just subbed!!! Its just insane how i love DBZ!!!
• United States
24 Apr 12
and i can bet you also got your answer lol :P
@murfus (79)
• Colombia
31 May 11
i agree with you, dragon ball z is the best anime i have ever seen, also they have unimagined powers which no one can compare, in a conclusion dragon ball z is the greatest anime ever and goku vegete trunks and the others are to powerful to duel with any other anime probably the hardest to defeat would be naruto, but goky can defeat him just with a genki dama an instant transmission
@batskam (60)
17 May 11
maybe yes, maybe no. i agree because till now, many kids still watch it. even teens and old people still watch it nowadays. but there are lots of anime, with good story and great graphics like naruto shippuden, detective conan, bleach, and one piece. anime is not all about shouting, collecting dragoballs, martial arts training. i didn't say that i dont like dragon ball, but its just that, if you like another genre, there lots of choices. :D
@reddart1 (85)
31 Mar 11
dragon ball z is the greatist anima for the reason that no outher anime shows the same lvl of power that they have.
• United States
7 Jan 11
The best!! First anime that I have ever watched. Love every episode. Love how they start of a regular saiyans and then rise up to higher stages of super saiyans!!
• Canada
29 Dec 10
Absolutely. Dragonball was the first anime I ever acknowledged as a kid and it will always be my all time fav. Sailormoon is the biggest girl anime of all time too. So they both are the greatest (with DBZ a little bit a head of SM)
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
20 Nov 10
Yeah, I'm going to say it's the best of all time just because it had the biggest impact on me (started training martial arts because of it). It was also a big inspiration for many anime that came after it. You are right, the Son Goku sure is one of the most powerful fictional characters ever created and he has no mach in anime. Toriyama (the creator) got lost early on in power levels and the powers of the characters became imbalanced. Remember, Piccolo destroyed the moon with one blow without any effort. But when he was charging his most powerful attack for 5 minutes, he missed and destroyed a mountain. That was in first couple of episodes and it became more and more imbalanced as it continued and lead the story to nowhere. And it had awful lot of fillers. Still I have to say it's my all time favorite anime...
@cecil04 (409)
• South Africa
13 Nov 10
Dragon ball z is great but not the greatest anime. Gokou may be the strongest fighter but there are greater fighter then him. Other animes have fighter using magic not power, which gokou would not stand a chance against.
• Philippines
2 Nov 10
Yeah I kindda agree that Dragon Ball Z is very popular ever since I was a child. But the the fight with Freeza and Cell is still the best season for me compared to the latest eps. About the "greatest anime ever created" thing, sorry but I disagree because I prefer it to be "one of the greatest anime ever created" but not the greatest... Well that's only my opinion though...
@rovian (1927)
• United States
31 Oct 10
I enjoyed Dragon Ball Z too, but I liked it much more in the beginning. Later in the series, the powers of some of the characters grew unfairly to ridiculous levels making anyone who wasn't a full blood sayajin or a villain week. Goku and Vegeta were cool but its terrible that so many others became wasted characters.