LOL!!! Please laugh at my stupidity!!!

October 30, 2010 7:00am CST
Hi, mylotters, good day. I'm back. Some of you may remember me going for a music theory exam. Hatley knows. Well, it's my last grade and I hope to do well. Anyway, this's not the main topic. I was logging into Mylot for about 3 times and it told me that it was invalid. I checked and rechecked my password to ensure it was right. However, it still refused me into Mylot. Then I requested for my password. The funny and stupid thing is that, the password was the password that was used for other things and for the past couple of minutes, I was wasting my time typing the password that was in my mind. You know, I've got quite a lot of passwords and so I was thinking about this password. But it turned out to be the one which was used for my main email account. LOL!!!!!!! Just look at my stupidity. If this gives you some entertainment, please laugh man. I think I'm stressed from studying and preparing for the theory exam, that's why.
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• India
31 Oct 10
The same has happened to me also several times. I have got mad. Ha ha ha
• Philippines
30 Oct 10
haha! i experience that kind of circumstance too! well, i think its common for people who have many online accounts =)
@dollar3235 (2063)
• India
30 Oct 10
All the best for your exams! It happens with most of us, now-a-days, life has become so busy, forgetting common things like these is not a big deal. In your case, it seems to be due to the pressure of the exams. I am sure everything will alright.