why is halloween more celebrated than easter?

October 30, 2010 11:19am CST
why do you think is halloween more celebrated than easter? what is the reason behind? there is no grandstanding of religion here, just out of curiosity because today there had been rounds of halloween parties in our city. what about you? do you also celebrate halloween?
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@kkfryz (10)
• Netherlands
30 Oct 10
halloween is pretty huge in the US so i guess the public there likes getting drunk and dressing up like zombies etc and playing tricks on people. I like that sort of attitude got to have days where it is all light hearted and nothing serious and the kids love the lollies, so thats why they go crazy on it. I am guessing. In New Zealand kids go trick or treating in the safe neighbourhoods. And some of the adults get drunk as hell dressed up like what ever they want to be on that night. but its only really started being a half big thing the last 10 years or so
• Philippines
30 Oct 10
Here in the Philippines, it's the other way around. Easter or the rest of the Holy Week is such a observed religious holiday. The rest of the Holy Week has rituals, time to go to mass, visit at least 7 churches, abstain from meat, etc.. Easter is the time when people start celebrating because one can now break from abstinence.