How do you value your life

@mayrah (1037)
October 30, 2010 12:50pm CST
Life is full of lesson, we just like taking exams here on earth, every time we failed, the exams are repeated until we learned the lesson. God is our examiner and trials are the exams. So sometimes we failed sometimes we passed but the good thing is God never tired of teaching us. In this long journey of live most of us strive hard to succeed. We want to achieve our aims and goals.And sometimes we fail to realized that what we value most here on earth was not valuable in heaven and what we don't noticed here on earth is very precious in heaven Now I'm going to asked you, what is success for you? How far did you go for your success?How many people have you touched lives and if God will take the life He once lend you, Can you proudly say that you have made the best out of you life now? Share with us your inner feelings and your doubts in your heart?
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@saqi78 (1405)
• Malaysia
31 Oct 10
You are right, this world is like exam for us, God ll our examiner, but He is providing us the better opportunities to deal with our life and do good things. Our success does not mean that we are praying a lot to God or not, it can be a factor but for me, success is this that how much you are easing the life of others, how you deal with your family, friends and others. I think I do my best to spread happiness and always try that I dont hurt others with my action and I think this is my success.... Have a nice day
• United States
30 Oct 10
Success is the next step for another success or failure. To be successful is knowing how to think that I have successfully done something. To convince myself that it was successful. It is all in the mind. There is no such thing as best if there is something to compare as better. If I am contented with what I have I'll say that is success. I'd say that life is a form of entertainment.
• United States
30 Oct 10
Success is happiness for me. I have never been one to put a high value on money. No doubt, I love it, but it is something I know I could find happiness without. Success for me is also acceptance. To not just accept your flaws, but the flaws of others as well. This makes going about life a lot more peaceful. I don't think I'd strain myself to reach what I believe is success, because everyday I naturally learn, so there is no need to push myself too hard. A little bit goes a long way. I think I have touched a few people's lives (especially in my adult years). For instance, I am one who can fully admit I was sort of a bully in high school. When I got older, I sought out the girl I was mean to, and I became friends with her. I wanted her to know it wasn't her fault people were so cruel. I have made the best out of my life as I can as someone who is just 20 years old. I am not done my journey yet, and Lord knows when I will be, but I am as grown as I can be at this stage in my life.