Limewire is gone

United States
October 30, 2010 12:58pm CST
Probably there are some of us used this website called limewire, and download its software to download free mp3 music. Oh well, the bad news is, it is gone for now. Due to illegal issue, and a court order injunction, it was temporarily banned from use for now. I didn't know it until last night though. I was "wow", another website is banned from the net, and it would not be easy to find free mp3 music. Anyway, good luck to limewire on this lawsuit. P.S. after limewire is gone, is there other new software to allow you to download free music?
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• United States
1 Nov 10
I'm not surprised that Limewire is gone but I don't really download music anymore. If I want to listen to music, I listen to it on YouTube anyway.
• United States
30 Oct 10
Ya there has been talk of taking Limewire down for a long time. It's finally happened. I did use it for a long time and thats where I got all my music. I deleted it off my laptop when i found out it was under court investigation. I have iMesh now. its a little different than limewire but still works. u can download or buy the music
• Canada
30 Oct 10
They have lost a long battle, 4 years long to be exact, but their appeal will probably not go ahead when they meet with the judge. Once you violate copyright laws, it's pretty hard not to do so again, and if this is an ongoing battle, it's pretty obvious that Limewire will continue to do so. I used the site a few times, but always had issues with viruses from there, and wouldn't have recommended it to my friends at all. I'm glad I don't have the software anymore, I don't want to be labeled as a criminal like LimeGroup is, they broke the law fair and square, now they have to deal with it. There are plenty of places to get music out there, suck it up and go buy a cd in the store instead of helping to violate copyright laws. Same goes with pirating movies, there's a lot of revenue lost because of people doing this.