I am getting so tired of reading about the sentencing delay in this case.

October 30, 2010 4:58pm CST
So this phedophile I posted about several weeks ago has been waiting for his sentencing hearing, but they keep delaying it due to new pending charges against this guy. The problem is that the new charges are taking away from the real issue at hand, the assault on children. These new charges are fraud charges, stemming partially from having these kids work for him and not paying them, or taking their money and promising them computers and then not following through on it. I'm just getting so tired of reading about the delays upon delays, he should have been sentenced more than a week ago, then another date the other day pushed the sentencing to next month. It's annoying to be reading this, and must be more annoying to the people who are going to court to hear the verdict so they can report back to us about it. I just wish this will be over soon so that everyone can get on with their lives and be done with this guy. I hope this guy gets what he deserves, which is a long time in prison.
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• Canada
31 Oct 10
I hope this guy gets what he deserves as well. I can't believe there are people out there that pray on innocent children. You have to be just sick in the head to do those things. For those crimes alone he should have been thrown in jail until sentencing.
• Canada
1 Nov 10
He's been in jail since he was arrested. Sad thing is, he's getting preferential treatment there. He's in protective custody, 3 meals a day and a warm roof over his head. Our tax dollars at work.