I couldn't ask for a better view ouside.

October 30, 2010 5:12pm CST
I love looking outside the living room window when I'm home, I can look outside and see planes going by. I live between 2 flight paths to the airport, and I can see them flying by every couple of minutes. They fly so close to the house, but even if they crashed for some reason, if they crashed close by, they'd land on the gold course. Not that it's going to happen. I like trying to figure out which airline is flying by, pretty easy most of the time as most of them are national airliners anyways. The sun is setting right now and is casting a beautiful color in the sky, that's something else I love about the view here.
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
2 Nov 10
It is amazing that you live between two different flight paths going to the airport. It is lovely that you have seen a beautiful sunsets from the window at your home. I moved to where I live now. From my kitchen window I have a picturesque view of green grass and two two trees. Before August this year for five years I lived on a flight path about twenty miles from the airport. I often saw and heard the planes. They were going on short haul flights into and out of Bristol Airport. I always appreciate a pretty view. I am glad that you like your special view.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
2 Nov 10
Hello Kris. Sounds like you are living in a very pleasant surrounding. If you like traveling by air, you could be imagining taking a seat on the plane too. Yes, I travel a lot, and airplane flights are very exciting too. Where I am living now, the airport is quite far, and I could not enjoy seeing planes ascending and descending.
31 Oct 10
That's something I really like to do, I have a thing for red sky especially at night. I haven't really watched the sun go down or rise here, I did when I first moved in but we have a couple very anti-social families around here who put me off from looking outside. I tend to look out my front window during the night as I like the piece and quiet. Would be nice over Halloween to have a full moon, as we've cut our pumpkin and have it on now. Fingers crossed tomorrow won't let me down :)
@vijay12 (1643)
• India
30 Oct 10
There are no airports or similar things in my neighbourhood.Still I too like to look outside to see the bright light so that when I go out I';; not feel uncomfortable in the glare.Instead of planes we have birds like Cuckoo here.I like hearing their melodious voice and the chirping of the birds,and watch them.I feed the birds too. Have a nice day.