Finding Daily Payout PTC Websites

October 31, 2010 12:19am CST
I have been working on several ptc websites from 6 months.From my experience i got some knowledge about ptc websites.There are plenty of ptc websites in the online.90% of the ptc websites are scam.In remaing 10% of websites,6% websites provide good profit but it is too hard to reach the minimum payout alone.If you have more referrals then it may be sufficient.Remaing 4% are daily payout websites.But from these websites the earnings will be very low, like per day 2 cent or 3 cents we can earn alone.If we have more number of referrals then daily we can get some fruitful money.So that to earn money from online we need some referrals.This is the essential for making money through online.Find the genuine websites before you start and refer the people and have a fun.
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