Does Love Exist?

@abutex (21)
November 18, 2006 5:14am CST
A callow but spoony Bashir is a friend of mine who met a certain witty girl named shamsiyya in their family. They had, for years, being deeply in love. They happily cheer, laugh, hope and dream almost everyday. Eventually, their love life had now faced a ravage life (as I’m thinking) because, he last week came to me in sheer bewilderment asking me question; “is it how love is?” I asked him what had happened but he vehemently repeated this and repeated for many times. Thereafter he revealed that he overheard shamsiyya saying that he was the most ugly person in the whole of their family. Surprisingly as he heard that he soon appeared before her, but she shamelessly repeated it and even added a question: “is it not so?” Thus, to my own assessment, that girl does love him not. Reason: Bashir is not that, even if he is, I don’t think she could have said that. So I advised him to part way with her. Subsequently, as I said earlier, Bashir is a foolish lover; he is now telling me that he thinks she loves him, so he is going back to her. I don’t want to do things off head, so decide to seek your advice. If you were I, what could you suggest him to do? Should he go back or not? Does she love him?
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