What should I do after joining MyLot?

October 31, 2010 2:01pm CST
What should I do after joining MyLot?
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@calpro (933)
• India
1 Nov 10
The first thing is read the guidelines. This is very important. Next start a discussion or participate in a discussion. This is what i m doing now.I am new here too,joined few hours ago. Happy mylotting
@Rite17 (773)
• United Kingdom
31 Oct 10
I usually flick thru all the home page, friends posts, interests etc.. see if there is anything that captures your eye to comment on. If not... how about thinking about what other thing you can post yourself! have a look at what friends have put, see if any inspirre you to post something that could get people thinking! I do this whilst blogging at the same time. Seem swhen I rant on a blog it can spru a Q to post! xx
• United States
31 Oct 10
You could do a few tasks to earn even more or you could find discussions that you find interesting and respond to them. You could also check out profiles of the people that intrest you and see what discussions they have started. Good luck and hope you enjoy mylot.