Have you heard of Naga sadhus of Himalayas...?

October 31, 2010 11:47pm CST
Naga sadhus are Hindu sages who reside in Himalayas doing meditation and self realization.They are more than 250000 in number.They are all males only.They stay naked and do not wear any clothes.They are naked at the temperature of -30 degrees.They stay cut off from human habitation.I do not know much about what they eat and drink to live.I hear that some of them are more than hundred years old.They keep perfect health and there is no doctor there to attend on them.Once in twelve years they come down from Himalayas to take a dip in the holy waters of river Ganges during Kumbh Mela season.As they stay naked it will be awkard or indecent to allow them to bathe during day time.Therefore the local government makes arrangements to allow them to take dip in the river during night night time from 12 midnight to say 3 AM when others are not allowed to go there where they take bath. You can see it yoursel in youtube.My doubt is as to how they are able to maintain health and live naked under severe cold conditions.Can any one say..
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• India
28 Apr 13
the reason for the people (yogis) can stay with out food was given by patanjali in his yoga sutras. according to him we can create our own energy of survival, the food we in take will always try to reduce life span,we can increase our immunity by increasing our ojas( not relasing sperms out of body) and not lying (not even for jokes) . most of people in india knows about this but hardly follows this is true ( dont speak not even a single lie for more than 10 years and be plain in your thoughts we can command our surroundings,if we get that power, what ever we says that will happen)
@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
1 Nov 10
I don't have much knowledge about this. But It is not difficult to believe. Meditation have much power. Once I read about sages in Dr. Uthayamoorthy's articles. If they are so healthy that is not wonder. they eat only for their hunger. Not like us. If we are healthy that may be a wonder.
@veganbliss (3903)
• Adelaide, Australia
1 Nov 10
I'm not sure if there are just Hindu sages in the Himalayas, I think there are many more besides doing the same thing. To the best of my knowledge, these people who live there are all pure lacto-vegetarian or vegan, which is another reason they're so healthy. It is a fairly simple yogic practice to learn Tumo Heat, I think it's called. One concentrates on the heat currents in the body. Not only do they stay warm, but heat themselves up to extraordinary temperatures, do their washing, wear their clothes & have them dry in half an hour! They don't all necessarily go naked all of the time. One man lived up to around 450 years old, it was proven. You've seen the footage, so why not now try to find someone who can show you how to do as these men do, in the comfort of your own home & simultaneously fulfill all your worldly obligations?