Do u think minimum age of driving license must be dropped down in every country?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
November 1, 2010 3:24am CST
Today's life is fast and to get speed we need to drive fast cars. Whether its to go to college, office, meeting family n friends, market we need a car. Now there is a minimum age limit below which you cannot get a license. Do you think there should be some age relaxation for minimum limit so that parents every time don't have to drop their kids. This was statement made by one of my neighbor. I personally don't support this idea. Today I see youngsters recklessly driving on the streets causing accidents here n there. I think with age comes maturity and people get more restrained in their behavior. What you people think? Do u support this?
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@rijovjohn (429)
• India
2 Nov 10
In my country the minimum age for getting driving license is 18 . I dont think it is needed to be reduced. It is the correct age i think. There are many people who start driving earlier though. But i think by this age a person become more mature.
@gfeef01 (538)
1 Nov 10
not sure about where you are but i know that insurance prevents many young people from driving round where i grew up. even if they could get a car and a licence they could not afford to insure until they were older. the companies are effectivly setting the driving age for the majority - expecially the boys!