Intelligence a curse or otherwise.

November 1, 2010 6:06am CST
As i get older i have more and more doubts about some trivial things, i spend my time pre-occupying myself with trivial thoughts to prevent deeper thoughts. This all may sound like garbage to you, but hey who cares? It's the internet right. I grew up knowing i was an intelligent child, i abused this knowledge in succesfully passing myself off to teachers and others that i was unable to read or write. Why did i do this? Simply because i could. As young as 7 i questioned my own mortality. Those questions haunt me to this day. I had already grasped the idea of decomposition and the lack of understanding religions had on the fact that no physical change would happen to send me to this happy place. All of this when i was younger drove me downhill. I commited crimes and fought alot because there was no other way to get the message accross to what appeared at the time to be morons. But now i envy those people. They sleep soundly at night not wondering what the next day will bring. I spend my nights thinking about the relative strength of black holes. This then causes the thought that with an ever expanding object such as a black hole, the exponential increase of gravitational pull it would have as it became denser and grew in size. This then leads to the though what if the exponential got to a point where as earth would no longer be a safe distance away.... Intelligence is not a good thing by any means of the imagination. Intelligent minds like to be busy, an example of an intelligent mind on the loose is Ted Bundy. He was studying to be a lawyer. Any intelligent mind will know that happiness is almost impossible for them. I mean hell why writing this i went and research the psychological link between depression and intelligence. Happiness in inteeligent people is the rarest thing i know. - Ernest Hemingway, author, journalist and Nobel Laureate 1899-1961. Ironically he became depressed and took his life. As one intelligent person being bored and anticipating those that will say "shut up f*g" or some such rubbish, or perhaps it will be "you are not intelligent". But hey what do i care its just the internet and this is something i came up with to pass some meaningless time until my time is up.
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@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
1 Nov 10
I have some sad news for you. You are not intelligent. You are just curious. Having a lot of questions does not make you intelligent. Using the internet to look for the answers to those questions makes you intelligent. And once you analyse the answers, it will able you to assemble the puzzle of life. That's call "psychologie". Once you can do that, you 'll be as smart as me.
@NoWayRo (1062)
• Romania
1 Nov 10
I think that intelligence is a curse in the same way that beauty or being born into riches may be curses. Depends how you educate yourself (or the society educates you) to use these things. I probably understand what you mean by abusing it. Things were always easy to me in school, I was quick to learn and expressed myself with ease - and forgot everything as soon as the exam was over with the same ease. Without proper discipline and ambition this got me nowhere. Truth is, life is still easier for me than for many I see around me, from a material point of view. I'm not complaining, I could have a lot more problems than staring at the ceiling for hours, trying to compile my own "100 commandments" that could guide my entire life. But I can think of quite a few intelligent people who are happy, and a lot of dumb people who are depressed.