is money so important - vijay mallya?

vijay mallya - is vijay mallya right?
November 1, 2010 7:09am CST
Everyone knows about the industrialist VIJAY MALLAYA. His flagship brand "KINGFISHER" is known worldwide. He makes money by selling wines. Alcohol destroyes not only the person who consumes it, but also it ruines his entire family. A drunken person, comes to home and beates his wife for the sake of money. This incident happens in all rural areas. There is no distinction between vijay mallya and the person who makes duplicate wines in grey market. The duplicate wine kills a person immediately but the original wines is a slow killing poison. Instead of making money by selling the wines , one can make money by selling or spreading education, so that the entire family itself can prosper. What happiness will the money ( like the the vijay mallya has ) will give you, which comes after destroying so many families? Is money so much important? yes money is important, but in the process of earning money, we should not spoil others. If you were given a chance to become industrialist like vijay mallya, will you take this path?
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