THE truth the whole truth why PEOPLE fail at online Bussinesses THE LIES !

United States
November 1, 2010 12:00pm CST
OK here it is THE Lies these Heavy hitters FEED YOU ! GET more NUMBERS to JOIN the MORE NUMBERS you GET the MORE money YOU will make ! KABOOM instant disaster ! YOUR dealing with real live people NOT just numbers ! And I have done this got 1000's to join under me in many programs and what i saw was shocking that out of 2000 people in my downloine only about 20 people were active ! thats lower than the net average of 5% ! WHY does this happen ? Because YOU are not taught to create relationships or given the necassary tools to train YOUR people to get duoplication ! IN other words teach YOUR people what YOU were taught to do and YOU will have instant sucess ! PERIOD ! the BEST Quote i ever heard was THat WE are a Team T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore ! YOU have to learn about mentoring and how to understand people ! Bascially people are seperate by colors Yelloow Green Bluse and REDS REDS are uncoachable usally the bosses in the world THEY DO NOT want any coaching THEY go OUT and do it thier way and can be good or bad for YOU ! Yeloows are very teachable and once they are happy and working where they are lecvae them there ! EX: Say a person is very good at customer relations ! THE comapny decides to move HER to upper MGT or head of whiole store where they now have to fire people and call them in office because of doing wrong things ! That person will fail at that position thier life will be ruined they will get so depressed and wind up ILL ! Greens and blues are differnt Greens are just go getters Blues always think others should do the talking ! Many people also are a combination of each group like ME i can be solid RED or BLUE depends on what i'm doing ! Then i wind up listening tothe wrong advice and it costs me money ! Yes i'm gemini it's my nature ! SO thats all it is a NUT shell YOU have to be in touch with your people every day by e mail or by phone CONSTANTLY teaching them or helping them also of course the heads of comapny must be there with weekly live webinars E maill and phone support OR else YOU hve ZERO just another scam ! ONE other thing NEVER join anything that only pays out by PAY pal or other such services ! EXCEPT thos social networks that pay YOU for what YOU do on myspace and face book etc... THINK about when YOU work real world ! YOU provide SS number and fill out forms to PAY TAXES ! Thats why i warn YOU NOT to JOIN any biz that dosent accept YOUR SS number or has the forms to fill out for YOU to PAY taxes ! YOU must claim your taxes on earnings THEY just report to THE IRS what YOU earned ! I forget what amount it is yearly that YOU must pay taxes on the minum i think $6000 for the year under that UNCLE SAM will not bother YOU ! THERE are reall home businees online 12 % is the actual % not that wacy thing others say that CNN reports 99.9 % of all online jobs are scams ! and that cannot verify the other .001 % ! NO ONE actually went out and counted all the BS or real biz online they have no numbers backing it up thgey only reaserached 1000 and found that 999 of them were scams ! there are so many proven real online businees out there that this CNN report holds no water ! first off there affilate marketing where YOU sell others stuff and eran 50% commisons blogging where you ceate 100's of blogs add ads or links that people click on and you make money simply ut create 200 blogs or more link them all together each blog earns even .05 cents per day = 410 a day $310 a month ! online stores FREE only one company that i belong too provides you with 1000's of real mercahnts for whatever you want to sell and you earn 5% to 17% on each sale the mercahnts handle everything else called ZILO . COM DO NOT use for online auctions or any site like E bay ! many other types of legit proven paying home bussines the ONLY thing is YOUR why ? Figure out YOUR why YOU want to be making money online and YOU will succede ! Whjat is YOUR goal YOUR drive that will keep YOU going no matter what ? UNTILL YOU find your WHY DO NOT even start any business online or real world becuse YOU will do as all the other 90 % have done JOIN get excited for 1 st month and all of a sudden stop ! MY WHY is this ! I want to be able to do whatever i want to do anytime i want to do it ! F R E E D O M ! NOT even a real biz owner has this ! They have to be at the location 90 hrs per week to make that business run ! there is 168 hrs per week thats more than half your life is spent away from home even if you only sleep 6 hrs per day 42 hrs per week leaves 126 hrs your awake - 90 hrs at your business leaves you 36 hrs for family time 5.1 hrs per day ! NOT FUN is it ! UNTIL you have people YOU trust in place to run your business for YOU and of course security to prevernt theft YOUIR life revolves around YOUR bussiness !
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