Do you take melatonin to help you sleep?

United States
November 1, 2010 1:50pm CST
I've heard from many friends and family that melatonin works wonders for those with insomnia. I've never taken it, due to the fact I'm prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to help sleep, but I still wanted to find out if it works. Have you ever used it? Does it help you sleep? I wonder if this would actually work for those with insomnia. I mean, it may work for those with mild cases, but does it work for people who REALLY have a hard time sleeping? How much of it do you take and how long have you been taking it? I think it would be a more natural remedy since our bodies already produce melatonin, so that makes me feel as though it's safer. If you DO take it, is this a reason why you take it? Due to the natural nature of it?
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@rachael5760 (2740)
• Israel
1 Nov 10
I took it once, and it did help me a lot that day. I haven't needed to take it again, but it is good to know that I have it in the house in case I really have a bad night and I just can't sleep. I like that it is not addicting.
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@damned_dle (3944)
• Philippines
10 Nov 10
I used to, but only for a short-time. And it was not just for sleeping, but for depression. I took a natural pill, called 5-htp. I just found about it on my research about natural cures for depression. It's good, but even if it is not dangerous and non-addicting, I decided to stop using it anyway since I have been better.
@angelic123 (1112)
• United States
1 Nov 10
my father in law drinks that and he is always snoring meaning he is sleeping.I drank 1 time but it does not help me sleep. I feel groggy but I can't sleep so it does not work for me. I think it depends om a person's body so it is better to ask your doctor.