My professor is driving me crazy

@cynddvs (2950)
United States
November 1, 2010 2:24pm CST
I'm currently enrolled in two classes online through my local community college to get my associates degree. One of my classes is going awesome. We are in our 10th week of class and I've learned a lot from that class. The other class is horrible. I mean really, really horrible. As I said we are in our 10th week of class and only have 5 weeks left. In our 10 weeks we have had 1 graded assignment and that assignment hasn't even been graded yet. Our professor has been horrible with not communicating with us. After not having any new course content 5 weeks into the class I emailed him to see if we were going to have any assignments coming up. He never responded directly to my email. But 4 days after sending that email he sent an email to the entire class with our first and only graded assignment with a due date 5 days later. So I thought cool we'll start getting some assignments. Nope. At week 8 we still hadn't had a grade for the one assignment and no more correspondence from our professor. So I sent him another email asking when we were going to get anymore assignments as my concern was that we were going to get slammed with all of our assignments in the last weeks of class. That email again went unanswered and a week later he sent out an email explaining that he was disappointed with our class participation and that we were to email him what we wanted to learn and that he would then give us assignments based on what we wanted to learn. Ok so that ticked me off. For one thing OUR lack of participation?!?! Are you kidding me? What has he given us to participate in? And another thing we are paying him to teach us the skills we don't know about not to go to school and tell him a few things we want to learn and that's it. So I emailed him last Tuesday with my list of things I wish to learn and asked him specific questions about the remaining format of the class. It will be a week tomorrow and I still have yet to get a response from him. I am beyond ticked off at this point. I have 5 weeks of class left and I feel like this class has been a huge waste of time. Dropping the class is not an option as I would have to pay back my financial aid. Otherwise I would drop it and take the class with another professor as I really care about learning. So right now I'm just feeling stuck and really screwed over. How do you all think I should further handle this situation? And thanks for reading this novel of a post if you've made it this far!
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@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
3 Nov 10
I have yet to take any courses I have no experience on which to base this seems to me the whole class in danger of not getting credit for this course. I would contact someone at the college about it and see if they can help. It sounds very strange to me and like you paid for these courses they were not free and you deserve the credit and knowledge. If you don't get help there I would call the "Financial Aid" office and see what they can do. I hope you get some kind of resolution soon, Good luck, mari
• Philippines
1 Nov 10
It means that not all professor deserve trust. Next time, check first if the professor is competent :D
• India
1 Nov 10
well who is that professor replying to emails after a week...had he got some nerve..or he lost it ? well when you knew that classes arent going on then you would have contact the person incharge.he would have helped you in sorting out this problem.just ask them either take classes for us or pay our money back and if you dont return the money nor continue with classes then i will be going to complain to the police about you. threat them as you are just going to sent to the jail.