how good do u know ur friends ?

November 1, 2010 3:34pm CST
the q is simple how good u know ur friends can u tell what they will do next or predicts there habbit there lieks and dislikes and there behaviour and other stuff taht will tell u how well u know ur friend if he is ur friend then u r suppose to know all that other wise call him or her an accomplish or a companian not a friend tell me ur views
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1 Nov 10
I know a few of my close friends very well as we keep in contact alot of the time, but others if we are both busy and don't get to talk for long then its hard to know them well as many people change alot over the years as you may not what they were like when they were younger but not now they are older.
• Canada
1 Nov 10
Well I have a lot of friends and I don't know them well but my good friends I do know. I know they are good people because they have stood by my side no matter what I did, I trusted them with my life and can always count on them if I need help.