I just feel sleepy...

November 2, 2010 9:21am CST
Do you try keep yourself awake just to read articles and react on the discussions here? I am so sleepy now. I must be tired of all the work. ^_^
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• United States
2 Nov 10
Perhaps a bit more balance should be maintained as the discussions are endless and they will still be here after I sleep. It is best not to be sleepy while answering discussions as the quality of post may drop due to your lack of sleep. Take a nap, hope you rest then come back when you have rejuvenated.
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• Philippines
2 Nov 10
If you have a tired eyes and you got to read more and more, the tendency is for you to go more sleepy because your eyes dictates that the day is already over and rest time is an inevitable option. No matter how interesting a subject is if you are in a sleepy state, it will be always difficult to keep awake. If you have more things to do or you still have business of keeping awake, try to sip a hot coffee... it will refresh you and give a little zest to go a couple of hours. Or else, if you think the day is done, go to sleep... its the best thing you could do since resting is also a pleasure... Have a good night sleep...
@kguru1979 (380)
• India
2 Nov 10
I also sometimes get bored, but some of mylot discussions are pretty good and interesting so that I am glad to participate. Just try mylot in a different manner. Try to put very new and different kind of discussions and you will see funny responses from all. The main advantage of mylot is that the responses are from all over the world and hence you can survey the variety of responses based on geographical locations..!
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