is girlfriend older then you 'ok'?

@Jas2999 (105)
November 2, 2010 10:52am CST
Is it? cause im 18 and my girlfriend is 22 and 1 thing that make me worry by being with her is her father D: im afraid he wont let me and her daughter together because of age and well i dont know hah anyways how many of you have a girlfriend older then you and how it worked out :O
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2 Nov 10
I don't think it matters if your girlfriend is older than you, its just important that you love each other and obviously you do because you wouldn't be together otherwise. My wife is 6 months older than me... i know its not alot but shes still older, it doesn't matter to us because we still love each other and wouldn't change each other for the world.
@funkykid (441)
• India
2 Nov 10
Why would it be any more complicated than if you were the one 18 and she 22 and vice versa? Relationships are just plain complicated. Key to it all is communication as well as other things, trust, loyality, honesty ect...You both are adults.I think you both have enough knowledge of trust and other things i mentioned you should not feel any problems. Happy mylotting :D
@jhen_jkc (105)
• Philippines
2 Nov 10
i think its ok ta have a girlfriend older than..some says age doesn't matter, the important is how strong your love for each other that you are willing to accept everything.. especially your differences..