Some Thoughts on Nietzsche

November 2, 2010 11:10am CST
"God is dead! You and I killed God!" These words came from the mouth of a German philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche. During my first encounter with this philosopher, I was able to realized that there's more than what he meant about his famous quote which may sound atheistic. Honestly, I'm a Christian and an ex-seminarian who loves the the views of Nietzsche because I somehow Christianized his ideas and somehow modified it, thus making me a Neo-Nietzchean. Now going back to his seemingly empathetic words of atheism or agnosticism( actually Nietzsche was an agnostic and not an atheist, he is trying to make a point. What he means that we killed God is that we killed God because we don't act like believers or Christians, instead we disobey God; thus, it is like killing God when we disobey Him. We are fully aware of God's commandments but still we failed to do so and thus making ourselves the killers of our religion. We tend to blame Muslims as the crime experts or terrorists but if we try to watch TV and listen to the radio, most of these crimes were committed by Christians. We are proud to be Christians but we are not acting like Christians and tend to blame on other religions for being immoral without looking at our own hands. The real challenge here is to to act good or by doing a good turn daily, and let's not compare ourselves from other religions. Let's put aside discrimination and let's be united with our fellow brothers and sisters because in that way we act civilized.
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