Why could I really relate to most of their songs? Do you feel the same?

November 2, 2010 10:34pm CST
From Hybrid Theory to Thousand Suns, this band is really something. Can you relate to their songs? Do you have moments in your life that you've reminisced by just listening to their songs?
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7 Nov 10
I pretty much like all of their songs, but the one I heard recently...have no idea why I didn't hear it anytime before, but when I listened to "From The Inside" I felt pretty odd, amazed, song is just great and catchy.
• Canada
6 Nov 10
haha honestly, I just love the sound and pace of their music.
• India
3 Nov 10
yeah me too i think they think of sngs that are real as in an event or a phase in one's life and make a song out of it.i think life is all about learning to be better for the next day and sharing ones thought about the past to make the future better.we all wanna move up in life and the best motivation for it is thinking and growing of your mistakes in the past and the feelings which drive you to be better i guess linkin parks music is all about reminding those feelings. thus being universal
@gyrus001 (21)
3 Nov 10
yeah, i feel the same way. . maybe because their songs are for real? haha. . but the songs is great.
• Philippines
3 Nov 10
The only linkin park album i enjoyed was hybrid theory. From then on i haven't been able to get most of their songs. I'm more into the chord progression and the instruments used. They're moving into a techno genre that's why i don't appreciate their songs that much. I'm more of a nineties rock junkie.