I am really feeling for my best mate right now.

November 3, 2010 5:18am CST
My best mate is going through a hard time at the moment - I got s call about an hour ago from her telling me that Andy Irons has suddenly passed away...he is/was one of hber really good friends so I think she will be on a flight sometime soon to go back to Hawaii (we are in Australia). She doesn't seem to be having a good time this year...it all started when Captain Phil Harris (from the Cornelia Marie on the Deadliest Catch) died back in February...then a few months ago, her dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer but the good news is her dad is in the all clear after a successful operation & now pro surfer Andy Irons has just passed away - her ex-hubby (who is also a pro surfer) called her this morning with the bad news. I really feel for her & told her to come by whenever she wants...she knows I am always there for her. What do you do for your friends when they are going through a rough patch like this?
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@RawBill1 (8541)
• Gold Coast, Australia
20 Nov 10
This was shocking news to me too hearing about Andy irons. You just do not expect something like this to happen to elite athletes. They seem invincible from illness. My first thoughts were that a lot of people here on the Gold Coast including some I know that are heavily into surfing would be shocked and saddened more than me as they may have met him. As you know, the Gold Coast is massively into surfing and Andy Irons had been here many times. I have never heard of Captain Phil Harris. Was she a fan of his, or did she know him too? I am really sorry for your friend. Hopefully she is feeling a bit better by now. What is her ex-hubby's name? I think all you can do is be an ear for her and a shoulder to cry on. There is nothing more that we can really do in these dark times. People have to deal with grief in there own way and we just have to be there to support them in whatever way we can.
• Australia
21 Nov 10
Yeah, it definitely is a shock about Andy - he was like a brother to my best mate as she has known him all her life...he was the same ahe as me, that's what shocked me! My friend actually knew Phil Harris (his story will be on the discovery channel this Wednesday night) & she is friends alot of the other guys from the Deadliest Catch too. Her ex-hubby is Kala Alexander (he was on the pro surf tour until last year)...Kala even got my daughter a billabong beanie when she was a baby lol.