Structural engineering

@APXOHT (104)
United States
November 3, 2010 9:24am CST
What computer programs do you use for structural engineering? Can you suggest me some other than AutoCad & SAP 2000, bacause I am studying in a univercity of civil engineering.
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@jharia20 (365)
• Philippines
3 Nov 10
I only knew autocad i am a civil engineering student and i wish you can teach me sap 2000 :)
@APXOHT (104)
• United States
3 Nov 10
SAP 2000 is very difficult to be explained online. If you were next to me it would be easier. It is one of the best programs to make diagrams of the constructions nevertheless it is a simple beam or a whole 20-floor building.
• Bulgaria
11 Jul 11
I think that the program Radimpex Tower is more easy to use and to learn and I'm agrreeded that it's impossible to explain this online.Each program have her own specifical.
@raina85 (48)
• Qatar
30 Aug 11
Hi APXOHT, nice to meet you, I have also studied civil engineering. I worked in a structural consulting firm for few months. There we used a program called STAAD for structural analysis and design. A structure of beams and columns is created first and we apply the load acting on the beams and columns.(The load can be either calculated manually or from the program itself) Then we give the specifications of the beams, columns..concrete and steel yield strength, Fc etc then do the analysis.. if any beam or column or other structural member fails with the load applied, it will show and we need to give different input like different beam/column size, orientation or extra beam or column. Again the analysis is done and if there is no failure showed, we go with that design.
• Bulgaria
24 Apr 11
You can try to search some apps for autocad like Armcad and some apps helping to draw the shuttering plans.Try another one program specialized for civil engineers which is called Tower.It's similar to SAP 2000 but ease to understanding.But if we must to compare them the better is SAP.So you can start to examine the buildings when you make their models in SAP.It helps you a lot to understand the conduct of given buiding subject to all efforts through the method of final elements.I think you should learn about this program a lot of time because each program product have own oddity but if you find someone who have some free time and desire to explain the base of the program and of course suitable and easy understand book it's not impossible.Because as we know the program is made for people.