What markings you place on your luggage so that you will recognize it easily?

November 3, 2010 4:23pm CST
Travelling is one of the pleasure we surely enjoy in our life. By going to different places in the country we live or perhaps magnificently in parts the world, it will give as a satisfying joy, relief, information and family-bonding. Once we travel, we really make sure that we take along couple of things we will surely utilized and those we should never left behind. Packaging of our luggage is one of the things we should never taken for granted while planning a travel. We do all the tricks that we do to make it sure that we can easily identified what luggages and bags belongs to us. It is really better that in a certain distance we could easily see and recognized our luggages especially if it is placed along with different luggages in the cabin or if it is in the luggage carousel in the airport. For me and my family, we pack our belongings beforehand and we make sure that we have enough time to do and secure this. You don't want to travel and get out of your house without those important things you need. Since there is a possibility that our luggages will be switched or might be beside other "almost similar appearance" luggage, our family see to it that we have our bag tags along. We buy in a shopping mall a very durable bag tags. Whoever will travel in our family, we use this tag. This tag should be placed in a visible area of the luggage and should be intact at the luggage handle. We also placed packaging tapes and then resort to writing names. But, we sparingly use this method, except in boxes we carry along in travel. At one time, we have seen a good service of packing the luggages in an airport. We pay about a sum of US $5.00 in exchange of the service of wrapping our luggages together also in putting a marking sticker with our name. I do hope this will be popularized in many airports, I only have seen and experienced this service in one of the airports... And the service is that it does not only make your luggage wrap and secure, also, they will labelled it with owner's name for identification. How about you? Do you prepare your luggage ahead of time? Do you put markings on your luggages to make it easily identified? Is this part of your travel preparation regimen? And what you can say about the airport service of wrapping and labeling your luggages? Have you ever tried something similar like this in an airport? These are some of the things we can freely discuss here and exchange ideas. It is always better to keep an eye on your luggages and to make it secured and recognizable. Care to share something about this discussion?
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4 Nov 10
When I am traveling, I normally put orange ribbon in every of my luggage including my name and address of origin. I would also place the hotel/location that I am going to stay.
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
Hi jjhomejob, While we travel, there is real possibility that our luggages might get lost or be swapped with others. By simple action of yours, it is already a good measure to make it sure that your can properly take care your luggages. Its a good thing you put your destination like hotel or place of stay so that authorities can easily contact you in case the luggages are lost along the way. A good one. Nice to hear your shared thoughts and views regarding this discussion. Have a nice day.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
4 Nov 10
Hi melcaden! It's no surprise that lots of luggages are the same or at least almost alike especially on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport. A little marking could go a along way from the inconvenience or the embarrassment of picking up a wrong luggage. I prefer to stick a label with my name on as well as a ribbon in two different colors. It's easily distinguishable from a distance.
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
Hi tomitomi, This is straight forward and always will work. Its good that you can use a very good high-quality sticker label on your luggages and it stays on until the time you pick up them. I believe that you are also using a permanent marker or a good label print which last long and that the colors are easily visible. Nice one to read your thoughts and point of view regarding this discussion. Have a nice day.
@Cargoleta (726)
• Spain
3 Nov 10
My suitcase is pretty plain looking, which means it'd probably be quite easy to get it mixed up with someone else's... so what I've done so I can recognize it right away is tie a red ribbon to the lock I use to close it down. It stands out, and it's easy for me then to know which suitcase is mine. I've never tried the luggage wrapping service they have at the airport, so I don't really know how well it works. Take care and happy myLotting! :)
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
Hi Cargoleta, By doing this simple recognizable marking you can already distinguished your luggage. A red ribbon is a very visible marking and since you placed it in a specific place, it would then be known that it is really your owned luggages. I have tried one of the wrapping service in Bangkok and the other one in Incheon. Its a nice service and they neatly done it. Its nice to know about what you shared on this discussion. Have a nice day.
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
26 Dec 10
Many travelers have a black suitcase in which case he or she could put a multi colored band around it. Then it would be far easier to spot on the conveyor belt. I don't ever have that problem because I have a backpack and holdall bags that are easy to distinguish. The backpack is old booking and light blue, the medium sized holdall bag is pink and the small holdall bag is black with a purple trim. I always have a name and address label on all my luggage.