New York Woman Throw Toddler Off Seventh Floor Balcony!

United States
November 4, 2010 12:53am CST
I just read a news story about a woman who through a 3 yr old off a seventh floor Balcony and I am so sad and angry about it. The story said the woman had been depressed, she began to fight with her own daughter and ended up throwing this poor baby off the balcony to his death. She then tried to jump but was stopped by other people who were in the apartment. The baby was of no relation to her, she simply lived with him and his mother. I do not understand how this sort of thing can happen, how could anyone take the life of an innocent child? I am so tired of people using their own depression as a reason or excuse for hurting others! Have you read this story? What do you think should happen to her?
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