Getting Rich Even if You Didn't Have a School Diploma

Marikina, Philippines
November 4, 2010 3:50am CST
If getting rich is not based on "college degree", then why all of us need to study in college? Have you notice that most drop out students are already rich and famous? --than most who have graduated in college, but still have no job or still looking for a job? What does college degree do to us? Bill Gates is a drop out student and Albert Einstein hates school, but he's a famous scientist. My brother told me that Albert Einstein doesn't want to go to school. He explained to me that "natural learning" is better than going to school. "Natural learning" means you learn it from outside school, from the people, conversations, environment, society and etc. I encountered a friend who invest money in "multi-level marketing business" even if he didn't finish college degree. He said, he would earn lots of money like those rich and famous people that didn't finish college, then he explained to me about those rich and famous people that didn't finish school of how they become successful in their chosen path. People studied in college to get a job and to have money so, what does college degree do to us or why we need to study in college if we could use our "natural learning" to get rich and earn money without going to school? Studying for how many years in college is a waste of time.
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• India
9 Nov 10
if you want to be bodybuilder then what will you do? you probably go to gym,read bodybuilding stuff and make some friends who are bodybuilding freak. am i right? then if you want to be rich go and make some rich friends,read books like think and grow rich,learn business,etc. now you please tell me that for doing this stuff do you need to have school diploma or desire to be a rich person. I am sorry for my bad english.
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
A college degree is good but it's not given that if a person has a college degree, it is automatic that he'll get rich. The same applies to those who have no college degree. I have learned that getting rich is a choice and a college degree has nothing to do with that choice. I want to become rich and I am having some initial plans to make it happen. It's not too late for anyone who has a strong desire to improve on their life.
• United States
4 Nov 10
To be honest, nowadays, it is very hard to get rich without a degree. Some people have, and that is great, but the majority of people in this world aren't so lucky. Most people have to have that degree in order to get rich these days.
• Philippines
4 Nov 10
I don't every one is fit to be gifted in making their own with out college education. it so happened that these millionaires are not into their respective, i think we still have to take course.