Happy Meal is Ban and Veggie-hating kids won't be Happy :/

November 4, 2010 10:02am CST
Banning this foods is beneficial for this kids although this lil veggie-hating kids feel that they will be deprived from this foods. Happy meal actually contains excessive calories. It is high in sodium and fats.In USA alone obesity is really high.I think this ordinance would help atleast not eliminate but lessen one of the biggest problem of America.
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4 Nov 10
It would be nice if prepared foods were healthier. Most foods from any restaurant are very high in calories, fat, salt ect. But many foods from the grocery store are, sadly we are used to eating such items it's hard to go from a juicy burger to celery sticks. Though organic and vegitarian grocery stores are gaining in popularity. The sad thing is processed foods are cheaper than making something organic or healthy!
5 Nov 10
yep I definitely agree with you, we need to help this kids and stop obesity. We do not need kids dieting but we need them to watch out what they eat :D