Do you think a person can be totally honest or too trusting?

November 4, 2010 11:14am CST
Honestly, have you met a single person who you thought is/was naively honest/too trusting? You ask them questions that you already know the answer to but you knew they have not told you about (like you just learned from a file or from people close to them) and you get the exact answers and suddenly they even offer you the tiniest detail about that answer.It's like they can't stop from telling you their whole lives even if you already warned them not to give too much information especially to people whom they really don't know much about.
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4 Nov 10
I think people can be totally honest but i don't think theres many people that are... it could be just me who thinks that but i have caught others out lieing quite often. I'd like to think i can fully trust people though but i always have my doubts.
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
I know someone is so capable of complete honesty but not practicing it because that makes them vulnerable in today's time. All are wary and cautious that sometimes it becomes a burden on yourself not being able to trust anyone completely.