Wanted - ZIP code!

@petersum (4525)
United States
November 4, 2010 12:01pm CST
Why on earth do websites including this one think that the whole world uses zip codes? The pure stupidity of it simply astounds me. It seems that you can't log on anywhere without some idiot webmaster asking you for a zip code. Now mylot is doing this as well, the respect that I had for this site has disappeared entirely. I will have to rethink my patronage to the site. You KNOW where I live! You can use GeoIP! So what's with the zip BS?
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@TeamCholent (2843)
• United States
4 Nov 10
I have never seen any website asking me for my zip code to log in and never seen it here either. I guess its a security feature to make sure nobody else is using your account.
@petersum (4525)
• United States
6 Nov 10
Security? Hell, they want to sell you crap!
• United States
9 Feb 11