Celebrities have bad influence over young children or not?

@hakuyo (201)
November 4, 2010 4:18pm CST
What do you think? Do you think that celebrities have bad influence over young children?
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• United States
6 Nov 10
I don't know if they're any more at fault than the parents that allow it to happen.
@Nokhwal (12)
• India
6 Nov 10
Sometimes it may effect to young children because children see only there reputation not how to get that much name & fame but most of the time it will improve our way of thinking.By meeting with celebrities they give us indirect motivation.So in my point of view celebrities will improve children.
@manbir84 (135)
• India
5 Nov 10
Yes I think mostly celebrities had bad influence on the young ones.The young people attracted wrongly towards their glamorous and stylish lifestyle.But not many knows that this kind of lifestyle is not very pleasant to live.
@NicoZieg (591)
• Denmark
4 Nov 10
Yes, sometimes they have. If a celebrity like Miley Cyrus do something, then I think many young girl will try to be like her, and do the same, even if it's something bad. The celebrities can also control the young people's fashion style in a bad way, but that's just how it is. I don't think we can do so much about it, besides to tell our children not to look up to the celebrities. On the other hand celebrities can also have a good influence on young people, by doing something good like charity and such. So it depends on how the celebrity is.