your bf/gf really loves you ^^ would you do all to be always around him/her?^^

cutie lovers^^ - boy is holding girl he loves^^
November 4, 2010 5:13pm CST
hi guys^^ imagine that you have a bf/gf (if you dont have already ahah) and he/she really loves you^^ would you do all to be always around him/her?^^ about me i would do all to be near my bf =) like you all know that i did all i could to save money to go and see him. but i cant do nothing else now. now is his turn to show that loves me or we be away.. so yes i would do all for him even more if i was sure that he loves me and would do the same for me. what about you guys?^^ would you do all to be always around your lover? please share^^ xoxo Cat
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5 Nov 10
Haven't you already done a dicussion similar to this? anyway, i would love to be around my partne often if i had one but still you need to understand that they also need their time like you need yours.
@buragee (173)
4 Nov 10
I am a man. A man should be the one taking risks or should i say "initiate". Someone said that to me years ago because of my attitude. A passive attitude on girls. But i should say this also, that you girls should make a step also (i am not referring to you hoho!). But in the post you've made, i want that kind of attitude of a girl. It is so mature. Just my 2 cents.