is it true that in a true love there is always time for that special person?^^

November 4, 2010 5:18pm CST
hi guys^^ is it true that in a true love there is always time for that special person? about me i guess that is true^^ even if we work all day we all have 2 or 5 minutes to send even a special message or call in lunch break or anything. we all have different lives but if we love we always find a way to show our love. even in a call, in a lunch together, in a message.. anything^^ so for me in love there is always time. otherwhise isnt a true love right? what about you guys? do you always find time for your loved one? please share^^ xoxo, Cat
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
1 Jun 11
Love exists, breathe love ... in any country and any language we speak, love is everywhere .... Love, the most noble feeling with which man has been privileged to feel it and live it. No expression, no words can not describe the love you feel when you're in love. You feel like part of you, you can not breathe without love, the heart can not beat just for your loved one, your thoughts always fly "your love". And, moreover, makes you look at those around you to accept them as they are, from giving you without any condition. Evils should not take place in a heart engulfed in love. Love feels the heart and soul especially. Love is acceptance. Love the one next to you as you love yourself. Love them both qualities and faults. Praise them and ignore the qualities and defects. Always be smiling and be sure to fall in love with your smile. Love, be at peace with yourself and others ... When it comes to love, often behave like kids, even if we have the age of 20 or 40 years. For this reason we come to talk about butterflies in the stomach, melancholy and insomnia. They say first love is not never forget, even if it is 40 years. Or you can re-fall in love with this person a thousand times and each time was even more intensely. What if every morning, the same hand that caresses your face for 20 years, even if it crossed the weather will be becoming more full of love and feel with every touch like that would be worth any sacrifice comfort ? And deserve it! That's not because you stayed together for 20 years but surely, you would be at least another 30 years ... I think here we would all like to get to an age where we can sit on a mail Veradale that the story (a nice house with greenery and trees, a creek, children and grandchildren) and we conduct our lives. Life where we can say that is exactly what we wanted.
• Philippines
30 May 11
true true true. indeed you could always find time for that very special person you love. no matter how busy you are, you find ways to make him feel that you care...
5 Nov 10
i would agree, i always liked to phone or send a text to show that i love them or am thinking about them, missing them, etc. It is nice to show that even when busy and doing other things that your partner is also on your mind.