When Your Bestfriend is the Opposite Gender

November 4, 2010 7:41pm CST
Most of us (if not all) have a best-friend who sometimes (if not most of the time) become the closest person to us (especially if we aren't married). Anyone can be our best-friend... someone older, younger, same age, same gender, or even opposite. Best-friends have a deep relationship with each other and they know one another well even to the deepest things... they know what makes each other happy, what makes each other sad, what angers one, what his/her strengths and weaknesses are. Due to the closeness that best-friends could have towards one another, it is not impossible that best-friends of different gender fell in love to their friend. Some prefer not to say due to the fear that their friendship might disappear in a blink. Some, on the other hand, take the risk in hope that their best-friend is in love with them too. How about you? Do you have a best-friend who you love more than being friends? Did you tell him/her? What if your best-friend told you he/she loves you? What would your reaction be?
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@jharia20 (365)
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
how i wish i have a best friend like that :) but unfortunately don't have. But if it will happened to me that mt best friend will propose i think i will accept it if i feel the same way to..but if it is not..then i will just continue the friendship even if he proposes :) i don't want to lose the friendship
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
5 Nov 10
Your best friend doesn't have to be the same gender as you. When your best friend is the opposite gender, it can develop into a different kind of relationship. you can find love where there was just friendship.