Can love be lovelier the second time around?

@EdnaReyes (2628)
November 4, 2010 9:33pm CST
A friend of mine after 10 years of being separated with her husband is now being pursued by the same man asking for a reconciliation. She found out that she still loves him after 10 years of bitter separation. Can love be lovelier this second time for her?
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• China
30 Dec 10
I think that ah ,Love is no time limit.
@chuyins123 (2118)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
i think it really depends on the persons involved. It could be a good second chance only sweeter and better. They both have to decide though that this time around, they'd work out on the relationship more, and try to shun the things that made the relationship broke before. And well, i guess it would be better for them this time around, because we all know, experience is the best teacher.
@annawen86 (547)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 10
after ten years, your friend and her husband are more mature now. they must have thinking about something that they would never thought when they were younger. maybe her husband realized that only your friend who can understand him, and only your friend who love him honestly. but it depends on what happen in the past ten years. if in the past ten years, her husband cheated on her and never give news, never give money for her and the child, never take care about the child. then if i were your friend, i will never back to him. but if the separation is only because of misunderstanding, or mistaken about principal thing. i guess they can back together. love can be lovelier depend on what happen in the past. i believe that couple who's been separated because of their parents or long distance could get that lovelier.
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
I think yes, me and my boyfriend separated for like weeks cause we had problems but we still see each other. Little we know, we were trapped and still inlove with each other. We stop ways of anyone's change of getting new lovelife. We don't have official confirmation of being together again but it happens like a snap of a finger. Our relationship becomes more tight and we never stop learning about each other. We now fear of loosing each other that's why we are trying our best to make the relationship even better.
@eurekafemme (5881)
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
It could be.:) After ten years of being separated and yet he is coming back to her means something. He must have realized that after all these years he never stopped loving her. :) Maybe, ten years ago, they were so young to deal with their individual differences and did not know how to handle the ups and downs of life because they were just so young. both of them were so selfish to give way to each other's needs, wanting to take but did not know how to give. They haven't learned the meaning of compromise yet, so, despite of the love they had for each other, they separate ways... Now that they are mature enough and wiser ( I hope) , the man realized that it is still her with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He is more mature and capable of taking care of her in all aspect and got deeper understanding about life. He may have thought that he is confident enough to face any obstacles with her. In short, he grew up.:) This is a good thing for your friend. So, why not give it another chance. :)
• United States
5 Nov 10
I suppose it depended on why we broke up first. My thinking is that it wouldn't work but based on my past relationships. I can learn to forgive but somehow can't forget. Sometimes it does work this way where one wants to come back, unfortunately sometimes it is a bit too late to reconcile. Bless all who do and have great success with that, as I no I could not.