Why do you think you're a perfect or a good catch?

@yna410 (431)
November 5, 2010 12:00am CST
There's so many discussions about love. Well, we can't help it since love is a universal theme. Almost all people can relate to it, we have our own experiences about love. Whether we have had many relationships or we are part of the group called "NBSB or no boyfriend since birth", we all have experienced falling in love, at least most of us did. It's truly amazing to hear beautiful love stories, those that really ended well. It makes us appreciate love more than anything else in this world. I think everyone would agree in the saying that "the greatest thing in this world is to love and be loved in return". I'm sure every person would want to experience this. We may all admit that love is wonderful and necessary. However, there's also the downside of falling in love. Not all of us gets the chance to be loved in return, not everyone has the same happy ending. There are some people who are still single not by choice, those who have went through broken relationships, even a failed marriage, and so on. For these people, they try to find answers to a lot of questions like what's wrong with them or what did they do to deserve these things. They develop self-pity and oftentimes, it's destructive especially if we can't handle it well. Some of them still remains hopeful while some gives up, it's indeed devastating to go through such painful experiences. However, why don't we make it different this time, a change of pace. People try to find out why they haven't found love yet. Instead of focusing on negative answers or feeling sorry for ourselves, let's try to be more positive this time. Let's shout and share to the whole world the greatest things about ourselves. That is why I want to ask all of you why you'd be a perfect or a good catch? Hmmm... Anyone? =)
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