Members of Parliament very lust picnic to overseas ...?

@gengeni (3308)
November 5, 2010 4:11am CST
Members of Parliament very lust picnic out of the country and even bring the family, despite the protests... they also know this country is crying because the ubiquitous hit by natural disasters ...
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• Indonesia
7 Nov 10
they should not be used to go overseas,first take care of their own country properly, the problem of delayed abroad. they are there happy happy while the people here suffer anymore, it is very shameful, they think the outside world view is very nice but maybe in other countries are laughing at we
@areximut (87)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 10
this is good mis, ha ha ha because they don't have a nice brain to think their country again. they just think about money and money and I very angry to their now
@erihan (32)
• Indonesia
5 Nov 10
more humane if the money to go overseas on picnic to use to help disaster victims trim. where the conscience Members of Parliament?