What's wrong with Houston Rockets

November 5, 2010 9:09am CST
Rockets lost their match again yesterday,which is the fourth time to be defeated since the new routine game beginning.Why ?What 's the matter with them,i don't know,i also can not obtain the real reason.Maybe they need to be more familiar with each other in advance.But the obvious issue is they're defense performance is being desent.What do you think of it? tell me the reason.
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• Philippines
6 Nov 10
I think it's too early to judge them. I can see they're limiting Yao's minutes and maybe that's why they're losing. As the season progresses they will also let Yao play more minutes and maybe they will win more games by that time. And also they're in acquaintance mode for now. Some barely know each other. Let's just give them time. :)
• China
8 Nov 10
Good ,thanks your response,i agree with your opinion.It's too early to judge them. After all ,it's just four games.I believe that they'll do well along the season proceeding.
27 Nov 10
Well i guess here are some reasons. 1.) Yao and Brooks still out 2.) Defense is so bad, opponents average a 100+ ppg mostly, heck i'd wish Van Gundy was still here. 3.) Chuck is still poor on offense(save a few games). 4.) Kevin Martin tends to disappear in the 4rth quarter offensively. His defense is not that great either. 5.) Shane is poor on offense and overrated on defense. 6.) Brad Miller is overpaid and is not really playing that good. 7.) Jordan Hill isn't played much 8.) Chase is one dimensional, if his shots ain't falling, he's pretty much nothing. 9.) Adelman has some very bad coaching lapses. 10.) Lowry is a borderline good to bad point guard. And to top it off, The lost to the Bobcats just made it 4-10, ouch.
@samXXX (44)
8 Nov 10
Bad defense and the team will carry it through.
@cheravs (620)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
I haven't really watched rocket's game this season but I do believe this is still about yao. They should put on their mind that they couldn't rely with him as their go-to guy in the post to make points. I don't have idea right now that aside from scola, who will provide more points. Have a nice day !