Effects of sedentary lifestyle in a person's general health

@mayrah (1128)
November 5, 2010 12:46pm CST
Sedentary lifestyle specially happens when a person routine is to attend office work. If all his day was spent sitting on a chair doing lots of paperwork. This person do not have time to have physical exercise. His routine is to eat every meal and snack then sit and work.And it's bad to person's health, because without regular exercise you are you will be prone to heart attack,obesity and stroke. So it s advisable tht no matter how busy you take at least fifteen to 20 minutes walk each day. And it will be good for you to relieve from stress and pressure by office work. Who among of you here who have sedentary lifestyle? How do you manage your condition? What do you think are the benefits of healthy lifestyle?
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@Bannybanzie (1398)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
I'm one to those who got this kind of lifestyle. I wake up then I eat then turn my PC on and turn it of when I'm going to sleep. I really have no time to do exercise. I try to but after I exercise, I go to bed again. My mom would get angry with me because of this kind of lifestyle I got. I just love to sleep and sit in front of the computer. It's very true that this kind of lifestyle would really KILL you. I know that being involve in the medical care too. It's just hard especially if you're not use to exercising. And it's really fattening... If you got problems because you're underweight, have this kind of lifestyle and you're sure to gain weight. Anyway, we all know exercise is good but not all of us do this. Sometimes, it's just that we don't make efforts... and I'm one of those who don't do efforts. Haaaaayyy...
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
5 Nov 10
I recently started walking to and from work, since I work in an office. I feel that it is a simple and very effective way to move a bit before and after work, which I really think helps. So I can highly recommend that to other office workers!! (If you cannot walk all the way to work due to a large distance, try getting off the bus a few stops early or something, that works too)
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
5 Nov 10
i think that is true. i have serious health issues but i do try and go out for walks when i can.