Facebook credits

November 5, 2010 8:30pm CST
As you may have known, Facebook offers credits to users that could be used in games and whole lot of other stuff. Of course it ain't free, you have to purchase it. Would you really spend your money for this just to have an advantage in gaming and other stuff in Facebook? Is it that economical? lol
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• El Salvador
6 Nov 10
Actually it's a big business, in my country (El Salvador), where is it you ask? well is the little country in Central America Below Mexico. Well in here a lot of big Corporation come just to set up their call centers. So if you are playing "Guild Wars" on facebook and you have a question or a problem chances are that someone here is answering your questions. So how this people get paid? well they get their pay check from the revenue gotten from the people that spend their money on the game. So yea i think is a good way to make money.
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
This is one good piece of information dude. These call centers have other services, I assume or mainly just to help give information about Facebook and other social networking sites?
@Voices (153)
• Singapore
6 Nov 10
No. I'll not spend money on fb games... I just play to kill time... so when I'm tired of the game, I'll hop onto another game. So... no point wasting money on it [for me]
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
6 Nov 10
Hi sundownkid, I'm sure I won't spend a single penny to play online game even if I have the chance to gain credits. For, there are lots of free interesting games available in many sites. I prefer to have fun playing game but not earn revenue from participating in it. Frankly I'm not good in this challenging aspect. I believe this won't benefit me for sure Happy posting