How much do you know about Paypal?

November 5, 2010 9:37pm CST
Dear mylotters,it is a shame that I just heared of "Paypal",it is introduced that it's the most convenient way to pay and buy between different countries without making others to know your finance details!I have not used Paypal,if you have,please tell me your experience,I want to know more about this international paying tool!
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@RawBill1 (8542)
• Gold Coast, Australia
14 Nov 10
WOW! I can't believe that you have only just heard of Paypal! It has been probably the main way of paying people online for many years now and is highly respected and trustworthy. I have used it for many years now. I first set up my account when I was selling things on Ebay so that people could pay me for the items I was selling. I then have used it for receiving affiliate payments form websites and for payments from here too of course. I have also used it to purchase things online and to pay for subscriptions to websites.
• China
15 Nov 10
I feel shy about that,I will try to use it from now!Thanks for your sharing...
• Philippines
13 Nov 10
Paypal is one of the popular site for transferring money online. You can be paid in paypal and you can also pay using your paypal. You just have to register to paypal and when someone wants to transfer money to you via online, you just give the email address you used for your paypal. a friend of mine uses paypal for about 2 years now and so far so good.
• China
14 Nov 10
Whether must I link my paypal number to my bank-card number,so the cash can go into my actual account?Thanks for your caring.