Rogue Obama

United States
November 6, 2010 9:34am CST
The President will now be in a battle of leadership. The Republicans have stated their number agenda is to stop Obama and then end his career. They mock him and say I told a person like him could not be President. The President has to stand up and be strong or else he will be trounced. His leadership must be become more aggressive. While the health reform bill and Financial reform bill were seen by many as groundbreaking his manner an complexity were seen by many as drawbacks. He must present a more strong and in charge message that he fighting to change and risking everything to do it. Show some of the strain,let us hear about the threats, lets us hear about the disrespect but let us see u standing up strong to it. The President needs to hire an excellent film production crew to assist. Show the true manner of his experience, skill and intelligence and promote it in a positive manner. Michael Moore has said he wanted to get involved. Allow him too. Along with the seven thngs previously mentioned. If he gets back into office and we believe he will. He may have to institute a draft. The world is getting more precarious as new technologies spurn the world growth and making it easier to wage war. America may need more troops to assist across the world. Also he should convene a world relgious conference housed in the UN and promote as area in which to try to overcome shisms in faith that lead to these problems. The President must come to fight now within and without and change this country in a way neither of us envisioned but in the normal process was necessary. He may have to do some drastic things in the name of protection but in tthis changing sometimes you got to get dirty.
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