How to know that you're a victim of black magic?

November 7, 2010 1:24am CST
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There are many findings with accurate information on the existence of black magic so I believe in it. It started a very long time ago and the knowledge was just pass on the generation after generation within the family as what others have said. Of course usually it is hidden from the public so we must be careful in every stranger we meet, never be too harsh on them or else you're putting yourself on great danger, you might not know what they can do to you. Even if we're living in the modern age, still there are cases about the victims of what is said to be "black magic or witchcraft". What if you don't know that you already hurt a person with hidden knowledge or someone envy or wants to take a revenge on you, how will you know that you're a victim of their curse? I'm curious because one of our relative died without knowing the real cause of her death, even the doctor can't figure it out. Worst changes happened to her before she died. Scary indeed and how hard it is esp. to her family to accept it.