November 7, 2010 2:16am CST
Is contentment being happy with what you have or is it just settling for less because you can't afford more? Do you think being contented means being happy?
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
7 Nov 10
Hello sundownkid, Benjamin Franklin said, "To the discontented man no chair is easy." What is contentment? Is contentment happiness? Contentment has been defined by words like satisfaction, happiness, pleasure, gratification, ease and peace. So I would express the thought that contentment is basically happiness but maybe not entirely all that happiness may contain. Happiness is now being defined in two ways. The first way is happiness as it relates to having good humor. The second is happiness as it relates to your inner satisfaction. It is here under the second definition that contentment is properly defined. Smiling and a sense of joyfulness are some of the things that happiness contains. You can be content without showing signs of a smile or feeling joyful. These aspects of happiness are not exhibited in contentment, yet contentment still remains a strong aspect of your happiness. Contentment is a strong sense of well being. It could be a state of being satisfied, or a source of satisfaction, such as the contentment of seeing children playing. Contentment is happiness with one's situation in life Enjoy your time in myLot.
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
7 Nov 10
To me, contentment means to have complete peace throughout the storm..:) It's a wonderful feeling, to see circumstances around me going crazy, all the while I am not touched by it..:)
@celticeagle (119215)
• Boise, Idaho
7 Nov 10
Contentment, to me, is being happy with what you have but also learning from life and experience that you don't really need as much as you thought you did when you were younger. Knowing yourself better with time and being thankful for what you have. Yes, contented does means bein happy.