Dating a friend ex-partner

November 7, 2010 4:22am CST
Lately i came across my friend ex-partner and i notice she has an interest in me,she used to visit me un-invited at some dangerious time of the day, playing,hogging and joking with me in style, to cut it short, she needs me though she no more with my friend again, they were just together during our School time. She work very close to my house, in which we see almost every day, am confused, what should i do? please if you in my shoe what would you do? should i go-on or not?
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@garychie (157)
• Philippines
7 Nov 10
So in other words she is flirting with you? I wonder why she and your friend broke up. She must be something too hard to handle that your friend let go of her. Now that is showing interest on you, you must ask yourself if you like. If yes, go for it and date her. You might find something interesting about her that your friend didn't.
• Nigeria
7 Nov 10
Thanks for your respond, actually, they broke up after we left School.
• Indonesia
9 Nov 10
i think it's okay for you to go on if you really love her, but if you don't want to hurt to your friend you should hide it from him.
• Portugal
7 Nov 10
if is the ex of a friend of yours is all ok^^ she is no longer with him also i guess he moved on already right? so there is nothing wrong. the girl likes you and you like her also so just give it a try^^ your friend has to understand that she isnt longer his gf and that you are doing nothing wrong^^ dont worry if he really is your friend he wont mind :) but maybe you should talk with him first so he wont be angry^^ just talk with him and tell him that she seems to like you and you will give it a try. if is ok with him. talk with him first so he will see that you cared for his feelings also. if he suddenly sees you with her he might not like it bcs you didnt tell him first. talk with him first^^ but if he says no you should say im sorry but i like her and she likes me so i want to give a try anyway just i wanted to talk with you first. dont lose a chance to be happy just bcs your friend doesnt want you to be with her. if he says that is ok with him even better^^ the best for you.