jealous is a testament ,to her partner?

November 7, 2010 6:25am CST
I was really annoyed and sometimes unable to resist the emotions that I hit him. What is immoral, because he was a man with a stronger power, he will hit back to my body sometimes bruises. He had stopped beating me when I ask for forgiveness, many people argue, the presence of jealousy in a person against the spouse is a proof of love to your partner. Really?
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@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
15 Jan 11
Of course, maybe you have felt if someone you love being close to another woman? That's love. Unlike the problem if you do not love, maybe you'll act cool. As if without any problems. Sometimes love is difficult to predict.
• Indonesia
12 Jan 11
I think jealousy is one proof of love, but if jealous wear it too much violence
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
11 Nov 10
Jealousy is a form of prove of love for our partner, but too much of jealousy can actually bring about reverse effects. Love is not about owing the person physically, it's more to thinking of interest of the person we love. Love is via actions, not by beating and hitting. When a man starts to beat a woman, that's also the start of an end to the relationship. When a man truly loves us, they should not hit us. No matter how jealousy they are or they can't control feelings, they should respect us because we are their partner.
@marguicha (108965)
• Chile
7 Nov 10
Jealousy is an illness and should be treated by a doctor (pschiatrist or/and psychologist). Domestic violence cannot be seen as a proof of love. The word forgive or argue do not belong here. Argueing cannot end in a beating, nor an annoyment end in hitting the other. Seek help!!!