Have you ever tried drugs?What are your experiences with them?

have you done drugs? - a cannabis leaf with the words " High life", and girls in the leaf, all surrounding a skull
November 7, 2010 4:48pm CST
A lot of drugs are illegal but i have done some research and quite a high percentage of people have used illegal substances before. I wondered what your experiences with drugs were. If you haven't tried any drugs, just tell me that! Just curious. It would be great if you could mention the name of the drug, why you tried it,who you tried it with (Like you best friend, a boy friend/girlfriend, a husband/wife, a big group of friends,yourself, etc. not giving names of course!), what happened when you tried it, did you do research before you tried it or did you just jump into it, and did anything happen after wards (positive or negative effects).
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• Philippines
8 Nov 10
In my whole life I never tried it until recently when I am already trained for the law enforcement agency by the government.It is just for the training purposes.
• Indonesia
7 Nov 10
I have some years ago. I got dextro, pills for sick dog. I didn't know why I try that. I was so stupid. I got 20 pills at all and nothing happened in the next 20 minutes. But after that, I was tortured in two days! The dizziness stuck on my head. I couldn't hear any voice but buzzing voice. When I recurred, I wished I would never try such pills again. That will bang on your head, so don't try it.