Legit survey sites for international members?

@monalily (380)
November 7, 2010 11:42pm CST
Hi friends! Do you know any legit websites which offer surveys for international members? I did join cashgoffer and surveysavvy but since three months I never got any survey to do yet . I live outside US. Do you know any others sites and which really pays?
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@caseymel (31)
• United States
8 Nov 10
I do surveys on several different survey sites. I live in the US, but I noticed that some of them can be used by international members, depending on what country you live in. You can find the list of survey sites on my website (under the 'make money' tab), which you can get to through my profile. There should be a few you can use on there!
@monalily (380)
8 Nov 10
hi caseymel! thanks a lot for your help i check your site and there are many moneymaking sites but almost all of them are for us, australia, canada and others countries, not available for me.. But anyway thanks for sharing
• India
15 Nov 10
I am a resident of India, I make money using Global Test Market, SurveySavvy, Cashcrate, SurveyHead.com, Greenfieldonline(CIAO). These sites do pay! Atleast register on them with your profile information so that any time they require survey from your geographic location you will be surely invited to take part in it!
@skkalra (966)
• India
9 Nov 10
Hello, I would strongly suggest you to join Globl Test Market..its a good site and sends surveys regularly and pays..a good amount for the survey ..even if you are not qualified for the particular survey you get 5 points..But only thing is that redemption is at 1000 points which equals USD 50.0..but be assured, they pay. Good Luck.
@gorjys (10)
• South Africa
8 Nov 10
I have registered withso many survey sites and i have neva qualified 4 a survey. so i dont know... when u find something just let us know
@olgiana (242)
• Mexico
8 Nov 10
there are not that many. and if you manage to register, you never qualify for survey. i was looking around for along time but i did not find anything so far.
• Chennai, India
8 Nov 10
Globaltestmarket.com is a good survey site. I also live outside US. I joined with around 10 survey sites. Out of them all, GTM is the only site that sends some regular surveys to me. (I get 1 survey per week on an average.) GTM is BBB accredited, so no worry about payment.